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About Crazy Fresh Lobsters

Ethically Sourced, Live, Wild-Caught, Antibiotic-Free Lobsters Delivered!

Our mission at Crazy Fresh Lobsters is to provide customers throughout Canada and the world with the Maritime experience of eating fresh lobster. Our lobsters are caught in the cold waters of New Brunswick, Canada and are (in our humble opinion), the best tasting lobsters in the world. We buy our lobsters live from our local fishermen, store them live in our state-of-the-art lobster holding facilities and then ship them live to you. They literally are Crazy-Fresh-Lobsters!

It takes time to hand-select lobsters for sale, but we know it’s time well spent. We evaluate each lobster so we can be certain that quality is always high. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

After buying and inspecting lobsters from local fishermen, we send the lobsters directly to you. You’ll immediately be able to taste the difference between a nasty store-bought lobster and our Crazy Fresh Lobsters. We send only the best.

Lobster Fishing in the Maritimes - Crazy Fresh Lobsters
Live Maritime Lobsters Delivered - Crazy Fresh Lobsters

How Much Lobster Should You Order?

Our lobsters come in a variety of sizes always priced by weight. We recommend you start with 1.5 pound of lobster for every person you'll have at the table. For those that love a bigger lobster meal we recommend our 2 pound lobsters or try our monster 3lb lobsters. Our best selling and average size lobsters are 1.5 lbs. We also sell lobsters that are 12-20lbs upon availability…these babies are sure to get your guests talking!

If you're not sure what to order for your next get-together, we offer a variety pack of live whole lobsters in various weights. These packs are suitable for groups of 4 so simply order multiple packs for your next back yard party.

Best Lobsters In The World at Your Finger Tips

Preparing our lobsters is easy, whether you're enjoying these lobsters at home, having friends and family over for a BBQ or better yet having a full on 'Lobster Boil'.

With our quick, convenient process, you can place an online order any day and at any hour. We offer overnight shipping to all major cities in Ontario, so you can place your request today and have your lobster for tomorrow!

Our commitment to serving you means we can guarantee your live lobster will arrive healthy and alive. We make sure our containers are kept cool and sealed tight, so your order arrives in pristine condition.

We believe we offer the best lobster in the world when it comes to taste and freshness. Experience the difference today when you order from Crazy Fresh Lobsters.

Cooked Whole Lobster from Crazy Fresh Lobsters