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What makes your lobsters different than ones I buy in the grocery store?

Our wild caught Maritime lobsters are FRESH from the ocean. They are taken off the boats to our state-of-the-art live holding systems and then immediately hand selected and packed for your delivery.

How long has that lobster you buy in the grocery store been in those tanks? You may think it’s alive so it's still fresh, right? Wrong! Not only have these lobsters not seen the sea in weeks, most of these store bought ‘live lobsters’ are pounded lobsters. This means that the retail chains buy them when the market price is cheaper, hold them in lobster pounds and then put them in tanks once they need them. These lobsters are fed scraps, and often they eat the dead lobsters in the pound. These lobsters can catch shell disease so antibiotics are required to stop the spread to the other lobsters in the pound. Yuck!

Our lobsters come fresh from the fishermen to you. No pounds and no grocery store tanks with poor filtration systems. Just fresh wild lobsters! Another way to think of it is like factory beef vs. grass fed and finished beef.

How are the Lobsters Packed?

We package our products with the following: an insulated styro foam box, frozen ice gel packs, and a cardboard box. Our packaging will keep your order protected and temperature controlled for the duration of the shipment. Each lobster we ship is inspected by hand to ensure you receive a strong, healthy, and hard shell product full of meat.

How do I track my shipment?

On the date of shipment, a tracking number will be generated with FedEx and sent via email. This tracking number can be used to review the status of your shipment in transit. If you have received this email and are not yet able to track the package, not to worry, this just means it hasn’t been picked up from our facility yet. Furthermore, the Route App will track your lobsters' every move!

What days of the week do you deliver?

We offer delivery Tuesday to Friday. However, please note that FedEx does not delivery overnight to certain postal codes. Orders may be placed any day of the week and well in advance of your desired delivery date. Simply select your date at check out!

Is shipping included in the price?

We work hard at keeping the overnight cost as low as we possibly can. Rates vary depending on size and weight, which is calculated at check out.

When will I receive the lobster?

Your may specify the delivery date during the check out process and schedule delivery weeks in advanced!

How long can I wait to cook the lobster?

Although the lobsters are alive and fresh upon delivery, it is recommended you cook it the same day you receive it to maximize that crazy fresh quality!

Can we store them in water?

Nope. Freshwater will kill the live lobsters; without proper salinity and temperature control the lobsters will die.

What if I cannot cook my lobsters right away?

If you must wait till the next day, we recommend purchasing the larger lobsters (2lbs plus), placing them in the refrigerator and keeping them covered in the seaweed they came with to keep them moist. If you cannot fit your cooler in the refrigerator, put your lobsters in a paper bag on a drip tray or dish to catch any water that may leak. Don’t seal them in a plastic bag. Remember do not put them in fresh water!

Are uncooked lobsters red in colour?

Nope. Lobsters come in just about every color but red. The shade varies a little from lobster to lobster, but they are a dark blue-green or a greenish brown-black colour uncooked. On rare occasions, one is landed that is orange, yellow, or blue. The lobster’s color is caused by pigments in the shell. When the lobster is cooked, all of the color pigments are masked except the red background color.

How can you tell if your lobster is cooked?

Shellfish takes very little time to cook. Cooking a lobster for too long will make it tough and rubbery. Lobster meat should be white, opaque, not translucent. Walking legs will pull out easily from the body. Tomalley (liver) will be green and firm. Roe from a female (lobster eggs) will be bright red and firm.

How do you remove the claw bands before placing the lobster in boiling water without getting pinched?

Our strong advice about removing the bands before cooking is: Don’t do it. The cooking time for lobsters is short enough that the binder won’t burn or melt. The bands are easily removed after cooking.

Do lobsters scream when put into boiling water?

Nope. Lobsters cannot “scream” because lobsters have no throat, no vocal cords and no lungs. The noise is simply caused by air trapped in the shell. When heated, the air expands and forces itself out through small gaps, causing the sound.

What’s the most humane way to euthanize the lobsters?

Simply put the lobsters in the freezer for 10-20 minutes before you cook them, this puts the lobsters asleep before they die and therefore feel no pain.